Front 14 Bolt Axle
  • Front 14 Bolt Axle


    Want to upgrade from your 60? This is the axle you need! These axles are custom built for each customer. Base axle is a re-tubed 14 bolt with new Reid Racing inner C's and the stock gears that came with the axle. From there I like to talk to each customer to find out how built we should go with the rest of the axle.

    My goal is to provide you with a much stronger axle than a Dana 60 for close to the same cost. To give you an idea, a full built roller 14 bolt using used outers will run somewhere around $4000-$4500 depending on what you spend on parts. To build a comparable Dana 60 you will be spending close to that, but it will still not be as strong as a 14 bolt. This axle is for the guy that doesn't want to worry about his front axle anymore!!
    Buy the base axle and build it yourself or have us build it for you!



    • Details

      - Re-tubed 14 Bolt housing to desired width
      - Reid Racing inner C's
      - All stock internals (Gears, carrier, pinion support, side adjuster nuts.
      - Rock Hound Aluminum Diff Cover