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Some of the Work That We Have Done!

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This is the shop truck that started it all! It has gone through a lot to get to the point it is currently. It has gone from having 1/2 ton axles, to 3/4 ton, then it had a Dana 60 for about 6 months until I pulled that and started the 14 Bolt front axle from Torq that it has now.
As the truck sits these are the specs:
Front Axle: Torq 14 bolt, 40 spline ARB, 5.38 gears, 40 spline inner shafts, 35 spline outers, Reid Racing inner C's and knuckles, Yukon Hardcore hubs and PSC full hyrdo ram.
Rear Axle: 14 bolt with Yukon Grizzly Locker and 5.38 gears.
Motor: LM7 (5.3) from a '02 GMC Yukon.
Transmission: TH400 built by JR Transmissions
Transfercases: NP205/203 doubler from off road designs with triple sticks.
Front suspension: custom 3-link with 16" ORI struts.
Rear Suspension: Stock Chevy 57" leafs with a shackle flip and 14" Bilstein shocks.

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