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05+ Dana 60 Swap into Fummins!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

This customer brought us this truck of his that he wanted to build into an awesome work truck! Previously he had a 6.0 Ford that had numerous issues. So he decided to gut it and put the parts into his 2wd ‘93 F350 that had a 12 valve Cummins swap along with a ZF5. He even installed the interior from his 6.0, down to the headliner!

We started off by designing these coilover towers. They locate on the frame using factory holes allowing you to bolt them in place. We also recommend welding them.

We used the factory shock mounts on the axle to mount the coilovers. (We did weld in a few weld washers to strengthen where the shocks mount) This allowed us to run 10” Fox coilover while keeping the overall height of the truck down. We also built a frame side track bar bracket that would allow us to run the stock track bar. we went with this option to try to keep as many factory replaceable parts on the truck. This way if he needed to replace a worn out part he would not have to find a special part from us or another off road shop, but be able to go into any auto parts store and grab what he needs.

To convert the ZF5 to 4wd we dropped it off at JR’s Transmission and the swapped everything out so that we could put an NP273 behind it. Again, another part that came from the old 6.0!

The rear suspension stayed pretty stock with the exception of 6” lift springs and Fox Shocks. This matched the front lift and allowed room for dual 37” Toyo MT’s!

Fitting the rear duallies was a little bit of a challenge. We ended up having to machine the inner hubs on the rear wheels to fit the hub on the rear Stering. This was important because these Fords use a hub centric setup. This means that the wheel is centered on the hub using the hub itself rather than the lug nuts. In theory this is a stronger setup since the hub carries the weight rather then the wheel studs.

With all we did, this truck turned out awesome! A perfect older work truck with updated running gear and suspension. The best part is there is no smog in California on this rig!

After we were finished it was brought over to Holtz Collision for a repaint. They also graphed in a set of newer Chevy Duramax mirrors. They did an amazing job and it turned out awesome!

Next he would like to add some power to the 12 valve under the hood. Stay tuned for an update on that!

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