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This kit replaces those weak/small rear links and track bar that the 4Runners came with. These adjsutable links are great for an upgrade in strength but also allow you to adjust the pinon angle after installing a lift. You can also re-center the axle once lift coils after lift coils have been installed.

The joints in these arms allow for much more movement than the stock rubber bushings! This translates to easier suspension movement and more flex!

The lower links are made with 1.25" rod ends and 2"x.250" DOM with a bushing on the axle side. The upper arms are made 3/4" rod ends on both sides of 1.5"x.250" DOM. The track bar uses a set of 3/4" rod ends and 1.5"x0.250" DOM. All links are fully adjustable!

Kit includes all the hardware to complete the kit. It will require you to drill out the stock mounts to 9/16"s for all the links and 5/8s for the track bar.


**1-2 Week Lead Time if Not on the Shelf**

3rd Gen 4Runner Rear Link Kit

SKU: RH 9600L
  • Kit includes:
    2- Lower links
    2- Upper links
    1- Track bar
    8- 9/16x4" grade 8 bolts and nuts
    2- 5/8x4" grade 8 bolts and nuts
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