Dodge Long Arm kit
  • Dodge Long Arm kit


    This kit will inhance the performance and comfort of any Dodge that is still rocking a set of short arms! The kit consists of a 2x0.250 DOM lower link bent to accomidate a 37" or 40" tire at full turn. It ustilizes a weld in Duraflex joint at one end and a threaded Duraflex joint at the frame side. The upper link is a piece of 1.5x0.250 DOM with a Duraflex joint at one end and a 7/8-3/4 rod end at the other.

    This kit does require welding. You will need to weld in the threaded bung for the fram side joint, weld the frame bracket to the frame, and weld the threaded bung and Duraflex housing to the upper link. Anyone with good welding skills can easily install this kit.