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In the shop this week: Toyota Overhaul

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Chris has been working hard on this '86 Toyota build! It's not totally buttoned up yet but the transformation is well underway! Here's whats gone on so far...

He installed dual transfer cases with a dual case cross-member.

He installed 63" Chevy springs in the rear.

He also set it up with a Detroit locker in the rear and an ARB in the front.

Regeared to 8" 5.29

Next, he 3 linked the front and built the FJ 80 Front axle with the newly geared third member and a set of RCV shafts.

Also, this build got a freshly welded set of our custom shock towers!

This has been a fun build and we are excited to see it almost completed! We are about to throw on a fresh new pair of 37" Pro Comp tires and button up all the odds and ends! As always, be sure to keep up with us on Instagram for updates!

Today is our Friday here at the shop as Chris is headed to Alaska tomorrow for a long weekend with family. We'll catch up with you on Tuesday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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