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This Week In The Shop...

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Yesterday we finally finished up with the awesome Ambulance converted RV!

It was a fun project!

Here's a closer look at what we did underneath...

Keep your eyes peeled for this guy, the owners said they are headed out on a trip around the states! If you see him, take a pic and tag us on Instagram!

Now, were on to the next build! Here's what we've got going on the rest of the week!

Today we started on this 86 Toyota Pickup 4x4

When I arrived to the shop this morning I asked Chris what he was up to and he said "you know, just pulling things apart." It made me laugh because we do a lot of that around here, but don't worry that always means UPGRADE! So this morning he pulled the front of the Yota apart...

And here's whats in store:

Were putting an FJ80 axle in front

3 Link

Detroit Locker in the rear

ARB locker in the front

and installing dual cases

This should be a pretty cool build! Stay Tuned on Instagram for updates!

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