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These short arms are much stouter than the stock arms on the 2nd gen Trucks.

They are built 1/2" longer than stock to allow you to run 35s with no lift and very little trimming. Or run 37s with a leveling kit and little to no trimming.

The arms are also adjustable, allowing you to adjust your caster to the correct spec after leveling your truck and also improving the handling of your truck.

These are completely bolt in with no welding or cutting required.


*These are built for lower arms with 14mm bolts and upper arms with 13mm bolts. Some 3500 trucks came with 16mm lower and 14 mm upper bolts. Make sure of what bolt size your truck is running. If you need a size other than 16mm, contact us and we can make a set for your application.




2nd Gen Dodge Short Arms

SKU: RH-DS9402
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