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When installing a straight axle under your 05-15 Tacoma, the rack and pinion steering is replaced with an 86-95 Toyota IFS power steering box.

We have put together a power steering hose conversion kit that will allow you to remove the rack and pinion and install an IFS box in its place. Our power steering hose conversion kit comes with everything you need. The hoses, clamps, and fittings for the high pressure side at the box and the pump along with the low pressure fitting for the box that can be hard to find!

Add an extruded finned fluid cooler as an upgraded option! (Recommend)

What’s Included:

- High Pressure Hose with -6an ends

- Low Pressure Hose and Hose Clamps

- High Pressure AN Fittings

- Low Pressure Fitting For Toyota Steering Box

2nd Gen Tacoma Power Steering Hose Kit

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