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Sold individually
D60001FL (left, driver's side)
D60001FR (right, passenger's side)
The strongest Dana 60 knuckles on the market
Cast from high strength ductile iron
Beefed up with extra material and ribbing
100% interchangeable with a Ford kingpin knuckle except uses stronger Chevy tie rod ends
5th bolt hole for high steer arms (4 bolt arms still fit)
For 5 hole steering arm distributors click here
Cast in steering stop eliminates bent stop bolts
Accepts one ton Ford brakes with no modifications required
Tie rod holes can be drilled to accept 3/4" rod end
Powder coated bright orange for long lasting looks
Fully machined and ready for installation
Left and right knuckles sold in pairs or individually
Ford versions are based on the stronger Chevy casting: they will accept factory Ford spindles and brakes, but they use the lower Chevy style steering arm and Chevy tie rod taper. Some steering modifications may be needed on Ford applications, call for details.

Reid Dana 60 Knuckle (Ford)

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