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If you are planning on installing an winch bumper on your 3rd Gen Tacoma these are a must! Our Tacoma reinforcement brackets replace the thin 11 gauge stock brackets with 1/4" Plate! The stock mounts are prone to ripping and tearing off the frame when used to mount a winch bumper that will see some use. We have even see a numer of Tacomas that have this issue even with the bumper tie-in brackets that are available.

These 1/4" plates are very easy and cheap insurance to make sure you do not find yourself stranded on the trail with a bumper that has torn off!

These are easy to install with just a grinder and a welder. With a cut-off wheel, cut all the welds around the factory mount and peal it off. On the bottom weld, cut just above the weld removing just the bracket and not the weld. This is used to locate the bracket verticaly. Then grind everything smooth and trim where needed and the bracket will locate itself on the frame. Weld it in, add some paint and you are done!

Whats included:

- 1/4" Reinforcement Brackets ( Left and Right)

- New 7/16 Grade 8 Hardware

Tacoma Bumper Reinforcement Bracket '16- Current

SKU: RH-1621-1
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