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Looking to straigh axle your 4th Gen 4runner or your 2nd Gen Tacoma? This crossmember makes that job much easier! It is a 3 peice design that will be the new mount for your transmission/transfer case along with your new lower links. You will need to cut out the stock crossmember and then weld ours into place.

Works well for dual case installs as well. Just move the crossmember back with the stock case, making room for a range box. This will also length your lower links which can be a plus!


*If you plan to do dual cases or an atlas make sure to note this when ordering. We will ship the t-case mount unwelded as some modifications may be needed when installing dual cases or Atlas setups.


*These are usually on the shelf ready to ship but lead times can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks if not on the shelf.

'03-'09 4Runner/'05-'15 Tacoma Link Crossmember

SKU: RH0515-CM
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